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“I love my job. I love my life. I love it! I still talk to the staff once or twice a month. Maybe one day I’ll come back and help other people.”

—Charles McIntosh, HVAC/R Systems

People like Charles are what make our mission at VTC so fulfilling. His success has a direct impact on the people around him — his family, his community, and especially his employer. We are grateful for his dedication and hard work, as well as the commitment of the companies and organizations who partner with us to provide meaningful careers. When Charles grows, we all do.

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    Why Partner with Us?

    Our goal is not just vocational training; it’s productive job placement in a livable wage career that benefits both our graduates and our employers. We work closely and holistically with each candidate, starting with their training and continuing through our Workforce Development Institute and case management programs. Throughout this journey, we provide comprehensive support services and teach work and life skills to ensure successful independence.

    Graduates complete the programs with the necessary accreditations in automotive repair, HVAC/R, CDL class B, drone operation, and culinary arts. The stats are incredible. 74% of our candidates graduate and 75% of those are placed in jobs. 

    Help us create a new start for them and a new chapter for your business.

    Hire Our Graduates

    NCIA’s Herbert J. Hoelter Vocational Training Center YARP (Young Adult Reentry Partnership) is 100% funded by the U.S. Department of Labor in the amount of $842,700 No other sources of funding support this program.

    Training for Life

    Another asset VTC graduates gain is training through our Workforce Development Institute. This provides individualized case management that customizes the experience for each person. Based on their life story, dreams and goals, we teach life readiness skills like financial literacy and digital literacy, and job readiness skills like resume writing and interview preparation.

    You’ll be amazed at their dedication. Our graduates are trustworthy, hard-working and eager to begin their lives again. They love the work they do. Many are so grateful to VTC for their help that they are committed to helping future graduates as well. They want to make a real difference in their lives and the lives of others.

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