Automotive Repair Training

We teach safety and emissions requirements based on state regulations as well as basic maintenance procedures for automobiles.

The automotive training program is a 15-week course where participants can earn the following industry-recognized credentials:

  • ALL DATA Certifications
  • DAYCO Drive Belt Certification
  • ESCO Section 609 – Air Conditioning & Refrigerant Recovery
  • ASE

Get a great job

Once participants complete this program, we’ll help them find the job that they want. They will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of jobs in the automotive repair field, such as automotive technician/mechanic, quick lube technician, automotive detailer and parts associate. For up to a year after graduation, the VTC Workforce Development Program helps them find and keep a position.

Get Real Results

VTC has served more than 1600 individuals. 75% of our graduates find good, fulfilling jobs.