Culinary Training

We offer 13 weeks of hands-on culinary training to give participants the crucial employable skills they need to secure a career working in commercial kitchens.

We cover techniques and methods such as food safety, knife skills, operating and maintaining food service equipment, cuisine origins, menu planning, understanding recipe standards, and hands-on food preparation and presentation. 

You will receive your:

* Currently offered in Baltimore, MD and Philadelphia, PA

  • Entry Level Skills-Centered Culinary Arts Certificate.
  • ServSafe Certification

Get a great job

Upon graduation, participants will earn the “Entry-Level Skills-Centered Culinary Arts Certificate.” This includes the ServSafe Certification. They’ll be ready to enter the workforce and we will give them the tools and support they need to land their job.

Get Real Results

VTC has served more than 550 individuals, including 150 veterans, in our three-year history. Seventy-four percent of our graduates find good, fulfilling jobs.