Supporting Our Community
Each Step of the Way

Program Outcomes:
What is Success?

Success is more than just a good job. It’s a job that you love — one that provides real and lasting purpose. It’s being able to support your family and becoming a trustworthy, capable, contributing member of society. And it’s unique for all of us. After being released from prison, individuals often have no job, no housing, and often no skills or workforce knowledge to confidently apply to positions. But one thing is certain — when our graduates change their lives by training hard and working hard, they secure jobs that lead to good lives. And for them, their families, the community and all of us, that’s real success, every time.

Each one of our graduates is a success story, and we look forward to helping write many more.

We serve over 700 people annually

Meet Our
Success Stories


With no father to guide him, Jerome fell into a place where he was being identified as a nothing, not more valuable than his clothes. He quit school and made some bad decisions that led to eight long years in jail. Jerome was determined to turn his life around with a CDL license so he could support himself upon re-entry — and for a long time. He had been stabbed and shot and knew he was getting older; this job could support him as he aged. Now he wants to save up enough money to start his own business and employ future VTC graduates.

Supporting Our Community

We are committed to helping veterans, returning citizens, opportunity youth and those receiving federal assistance find the fulfilling work — and fulfilling lives — we all deserve.

VTC helps accomplish this through four important steps:

1 Provide extensive, industry-recognized vocational training

2 Deploy our comprehensive Workforce Development Institute to help graduates navigate the job seeking process with interview and resume-writing strategies and other necessary skills

3 Provide customized case management to eradicate barriers and teach financial and digital literacy life skills

4 Facilitate job placement by offering opportunities with local companies with whom we partner


From those in the justice system who refer candidates to us, to the company recruiters who provide these candidates with livable wage careers, to the organizations and individuals that make it all possible through their generous program sponsorships and donations, our VTC graduates are grateful for your help every step of the way. Giving our community meaningful work and purpose is ultimately meaningful for all of us. And the VTC program’s success is a direct result of each groups’ contribution — most important of all the graduates!

NCIA’s Herbert J. Hoelter Vocational Training Center (VTC)

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